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Happy Threads goes mobile

As of July 20th, I moved into my tiny house on wheels, so Happy Threads is now operating out of my Happy House. (Thank you Jill Bosse for the fabulous sign. It has now graced the entrance of 3 happy houses.)

I am currently living in an RV park outside Chattanooga, and heading to the Florida panhandle soon to be a grandmother. Wahoo!

My creative endeavors have been on hold for too long, and I'm happy to finally have some time to start making things again. I've been wanting to try some new knitted garments that aren't quite as bohemian as the shawls, but still as colorful. This Noro shrug pattern caught my eye, and I'm modifying the stitch pattern and yarns, but keeping the "hug" effect. Will post photos when it's finished.

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